Yoghurt Agar Agar Pudding

It was one of the first days of August as she sat outside, overlooking the garden. Everything was similar to the way she remembered her childhood days, yet so different still: apple trees even more crooked, new flowerbeds by the pond, but what really changed is the way she sees life and herself in it. 

Cheers to life & all the magical moments it brings.

Happy August, my dear! Celebrating life with some great food included, obviously. Greek yoghurt pudding with fresh strawberries, vanilla and mint. Agar agar instead of gelatine, so it's vegetarian friendly. To those of you who are not familiar with agar agar: it's made from seaweed. Yep, seaweed, but it doesn't have that ocean flavour so you can get wonderful results without worrying whether your pudding is going to taste funny or not. Don't get me wrong, seaweed is great, yet I prefer to save that flavour for the main course.

Serves 2   |   1 tbsp - 15ml   |   1 tsp - 5ml   |   Hands on time: 15 mins |   Total time: 45 mins


  • 200 g of plain Greek yoghurt - for desserts I choose a less tangy kind, yet not sweetened
  • 220 ml of water (can substitute with milk or cream, or a mixture of both)
  • 100 ml of cream
  • 3 tbsp of sugar (or more): white or brown
  • 1 pod of vanilla (seeds scraped out) or ½ teaspoon of vanilla bean paste
  • 1 ½ tbsp of agar agar
  • fresh strawberries

Wash some fresh strawberries and blend to a smooth consistency. Reserve a couple for garnishing. Use as many strawberries as you like, depending on how much strawberry purée you wish to serve with your pudding.

Mix Greek yoghurt in a medium bowl together with vanilla seeds and set aside. Pour water, cream and sugar (or milk/cream and sugar) in a small saucepan and place over medium heat. Sprinkle agar agar over the mixture, bring to a boil and simmer on low, stirring occasionally until sugar and agar agar flakes dissolve completely (5-10 mins). Remove from heat.

Carefully pour the mixture into yoghurt, stirring continuously with a balloon whisk until incorporated. Transfer into prepared jars/moulds and leave to set at room temperature. Agar agar sets immediately as it cools, so you have to work fast when transferring the mixture from a mixing bowl. Place jars into refrigerator for 30 mins to cool before topping with strawberry purée and berries. Serve garnished with fresh mint and a drizzle of honey if you wish.

NOTE: This pudding is sweetened very lightly. Add more sugar if you wish to have a sweeter taste. Substitute water with milk/cream for a richer dessert (e.g. you can use the same amount of milk or cream, or a mixture of milk & cream).

If your strawberries are quite sour, mix in some honey or other preferred sweetener before blending them. Mine were really sweet naturally so I did not sweeten the berry layer.