Avocado Sourdough Toast with Poached Egg

Recipe simplicity at its best

It's a real pleasure to eat good food and it's a luxury to be able to do so each day. I think, however, that knowing a few tricks helps a lot to always have such ingredients in your fridge and pantry, that will make a difference in the way each meal tastes. And we only want the best, right? Do yourself a favour and always buy the best quality ingredients you can find. I know how you might feel reading those 'cage free', 'happy hen', etc. labels, but if you try an egg that's been raised by (supposedly) happy hens, you can tell the difference. Same goes with avocadoes - find the creamiest, perfectly ripe ones. How will you know which one's which? Simply by trying different varieties your local stores have to offer. Bread is another painful subject. If there is a local bakery, always go for it when choosing bread. It will be fresh, most probably baked with better quality ingredients and most importantly you'll probably find a sourdough loaf there. 

Why Sourdough?

Sourdough bread is raised by naturally occurring bacteria (lactobacilli) and wild yeast unlike commercial breads when yeast is added into the dough. Sourdough bacteria and wild yeast naturally occur in your sourdough starter when the flour and water mixture starts to ferment. All of the healthy bacteria help us break down the wheat, gluten included and that is why we can digest this type of bread. Sourdough bread is actually beneficial for our gut just like other fermented foods, e.g.: sauerkraut, fermented cucumbers, kefir, yoghurt. AND you simply can't beat the taste. Soft, moist interior, slightly sour taste and a crunchy crust. That's why I love it so much and that's why avocado toast tastes best when served on Sourdough. Try it out, trust me.


Serves 2 | Total time: 15 minutes


  • 2 slices of sourdough bread
  • 1 larger avocado
  • 2 medium eggs
  • juice of 1/2 lime or more
  • salt & pepper
  • a few cucumber slices
  • microgreens (sprouts)


Toast the sourdough slices. In a bowl, mash avocado with lime juice and salt, leaving some avocado pieces slightly bigger. Top toasts generously with avocado mixture, add a few slices of cucumber on each toast and top with micro greens. Poach eggs: bring water to a boil in a very small saucepan. You only need to have as much water as to cover an egg. Break an egg into a small bowl without breaking its yolk. Reduce heat so that water just simmers, swirl it using a spoon or spatula. Quickly, but carefully pour in the egg right into the middle of the water swirl. Let it cook until the egg whites are firm and the yolk just set on the edges. Carefully transfer the egg onto a cutting board to dry. Repeat with another egg, top your toasts with eggs once done and sprinkle some black pepper on top.  You can even add some sprouted mung beans or other sprouted seeds/legumes.

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