Sourdough Mozzarella & Rainbow Veggie Sandwich

Bread of Champions

When I was starting out as a model, I used to avoid bread as much as I could, thinking that these baked goods will be the cause of my bigger thighs or a not so perfect belly - little had I known about nutrition then. I'm still not a dietitian nor a nutritional specialist, but it's easy enough these days to collect relevant information from quality sources online. At least now I know that it's not just about the products you choose, but the amount of energy you use up during your day. Obviously, not much weight gain will happen if all you eat in a day is one McDonald's burger, but you would surely be better off consuming the same amount of energy from a grilled sea bass fillet with potatoes and veggies. It all comes down to nutritional value of the foods you eat and we all want as little bull***t as possible.

Same goes with bread - you can talk all you want about how unhealthy bread is considered to be, but reality is that to make this phrase true, it can only be applied to certain breads. And those are the breads I try to avoid myself: processed, fortified yeasty loafs (wheat and/or rye) . They're not only hard for us to digest, but lack the taste, too. What's the alternative? Sourdough. Sourdough breads are leavened by naturally occurring bacteria and yeast which ferment the dough, breaking down the gluten and carbohydrates to make it digestible for our gut. This type of bread is rich in minerals and will not leave you feeling bloated. It's delicious both freshly baked or toasted and can keep longer due to it's crust, which keeps the fluffy dough moist inside. True avocado lovers know that best avo toasts are made on a slice of sourdough, because you simply can't beat the taste. 

This sandwich was made using wheat sourdough with hemp seeds. A delicious combo, as you can see from my man's happy face.

Serves 1 | Total time: 10 minutes


  • two sourdough slices
  • mozzarella
  • sundried tomato pesto
  • yellow pepper
  • purple cabbage
  • iceberg or romaine
  • cucumber
  • avocado

Toast the sourdough. Top one slice with layers of fresh veggies, mozzarella, sundried tomato pesto and avocado. Add the second sourdough slice on top, squeeze gently and try eating it without dropping half of the ingredients on the floor.


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