Aged Beef Sausages, Pearl Barley & Yogurt

Middle Eastern Meets Mediterranean

Just a quick eye-catching lunch or dinner idea for the whole family. Aged Beef Sausages are one of my all-time fav sausage types. You get all the flavour and juiciness within 5-7 minutes on the frying pan. I like sausages with a hint of sweet pepper and some heat, so once I fried them, I then cut them into smaller pieces and cooked for one minute with paprika and chilli for some complexity.

To save time, place pearl barley in a saucepan to cook and while it’s simmering, prepare all other ingredients: slice cucumber, remove pomegranate seeds from the fruit, mix yogurt with fresh dill for the sauce and fry sausages. I like to assemble a big colourful plate, because I find it much more fun to eat that way, but you can also serve whole sausages with a side of pearl barley (or couscous, rice) and other toppings + some yogurt sauce on the side.

I recently switched to only buying meat from trusted suppliers, therefore I try to avoid supermarket meat produce. I usually go for specialty meat stores which can offer me produce like free-range beef and handmade aged sausages, marbled steaks etc.

A few months ago I started a collaboration with one of my favourite specialty food store Squares in Vilnius called “Ogmios miestas”. Here’s another recipe I created for our collab using aged beef sausages from “The Farm”.

I am beyond grateful for the possibility to work with shops I honestly love and trust & am even more excited to share this info with you. Choosing quality produce means supporting local or organic farms, educating people and therefore, hopefully, growing a more health-conscious community.

Created in paid partnership with “The Farm” & “Ogmios miestas”

Serves 2 | Total time: 25 minutes | 1 cup - 250ml | 1 teaspoon - 5ml


  • 4 aged beef sausages
  • 1/2 cup of pearl barley or couscous, dry
  • 1/2 of a medium pomegranate
  • a handful of wild rice, dry (optional)
  • two small or 1/2 of a large cucumber
  • a bunch of fresh dill
  • mint leaves
  • sweet paprika & chilli pepper
  • a touch of oil for cooking
  • plain yogurt + honey for the sauce (1/2 cup of yogurt + 1-2 teaspoons of honey)
  • sea salt

Prep Ingredients

Firstly, bring a saucepan with pearl barley and water to a boil. Switch to low heat and let it simmer until cooked through. If you’re using wild rice, have in mind that it needs a longer cooking time. I simply added some cause I had leftovers in my fridge. In the meantime, slice cucumber, remove pomegranate seeds from the fruit, chop up some dill. Fry beef sausages for 5 minutes un medium/high heat until nicely browned. Remove and cut into smaller pieces then return to the pan and sprinkle sweet paprika with chilli powder on top. Fry a minute more until the pieces are smothered in spices. Mix yogurt with chopped dill and a bit of honey (you can adjust the sweetness to your needs. Firstly add a teaspoon of honey, try the yogurt sauce & only then proceed to adding more if needed.

Assemble The Dish

Place pearl barley or other cooked grains on the plate followed by wild rice, sausages, pomegranate, dill, mint leaves. Sprinkle some sea salt on top and serve with yogurt sauce.

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